Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Island Time Pictures

Picture 1: Mark and Gary take part in the welcoming ceremony....watch your ankles!

Picture 2: Candy is a big hit with the kids. Steve has a sudden following.
Picture 3: A health outpost on Kiruru Island
Picture 4: The resson we stock the shelves at the health outpost we visit. (Inside the outpost on Kiruru)
Picture 5: Singing praise songs around the fire with the village kids.

Jungle Adventure Pictures

Picture 1: The mission station in the jungle that we visited. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Picture2: The airstrip that we landed on before our hour and a half float down the river.

Picture 3: Hiking through the rainforest back to the airstrip. We were joined by Heidi Greenlaw and her baby who were flying to Wewak for a visit with the doctor.
Picture 4: A CURE kit (medical supply kit) headed through the jungle to the mission health post.

Samaritan's Land

We are back in the States now and are trying to get caught up on everything while recovering from jet lag. The next few posts will have a lot of pictures so you can see what we were writing about during the trip.

The last day we had in PNG was spent in meetings with two members of parlament. The main reason for these meetings is to get a government title for our land in Wewak. The Pasa Clan gave Samaritan Aviation about five acres that sits on a green hill above the airport and looks over the bay and out to the Bismark Sea.

We plan to build our base of operation on this land and and have been working on a government title for three years. This trip was very successful in part because we were able to make significant progress towards a land title.

One picture is of our land and the other is of us standing with the Minister of Lands...Dr. Temu.

The lady on the right is Mobata Gamoga who works on behalf of Samaritan in Port Moresby, PNG's Capital