Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Big Meeting

Today I had the biggest meeting of the trip which was with the Secretary of Lands. As many of you know we have been working on our land deal for almost four years. Today I got to meet with the guy who is at the top and was able to tell him our story and what we have been working towards.

He could not have been more helpful and pledged his support. He even delayed a meeting until they get all of our land issue on the docket. It turns out that he is a big fan of my Father's radio station here in Port Moresby. Thanks for all your prayers. We should be very close now.

I am flying to meet the other guys in a couple of hours. We will land in Wewak tonight and settle in tonight and will be leaving early in the morning for a mission station way back in the Sepik bush. We have a cure kit for them as well as gifts for the missionary family. We will fly back on a Cessna 206, like the one we own, and then will hike a couple miles through the jungle to the station. There is also an option of jumping in the river and floating down to the station.

Thanks for reading! We will be updating again soon.


Ed said...

I vote for the float.

LeAnne said...

We all miss you! Hope you're doing good.Avery is worried that you are missing him "so bad" and can't call him. "Poor Daddy" is all I heard last night!!I love you and am anxious to see you. We are doing good.