Saturday, February 24, 2007

Island Time

We had a full day of meetings with the hospital and government officials in Wewak yesterday and then left for Muschu, an island about twenty-five miles away. We arrived on the island just before dark and spent the night with our friend, George, who runs a small lodge that consists of grass huts with mats on the floor and mosquito nets. The island is spectacular with white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and turquoise water. We got to see spinner dolphins up close during the boat ride.

Last year we delivered a CURE kit to George’s village and showed the Jesus Film so they remembered us and met us at the beach with tropical flowers and a greeting song. We then put dinner on and played a quick game of water tag with the kids. After dark we sat around a fire on the beach and Mark played the guitar while we sang songs with several of the villagers. They have beautiful voices and enjoyed teaching us some of their songs.

The next morning we packed up the boats and headed to another village where we delivered a CURE kit and inspected a health outpost that we gave money towards during our visit last year. There was another greeting ceremony and Mark and Gary did a hop scotch dance thing with the villagers as part of the ritual. After several rounds of speeches we went through the medical supplies with the local nurse and then headed off for yet another village on a neighboring island.

We inspected a health post on Kiruru, the island, to see what they need and then headed back to Wewak after we had a quick lunch of noodles back at George’s place. On the way home we saw several small, blue flying fish that are able to fly about fifty yards. It was fun to watch them fly right beside the boat.

Tomorrow we will be going to church where Mark is going to sing and then will head up to our land for a quick tour and dinner with the Pasa Clan. Thanks for your prayers. We have been able to accomplish a lot this past week.

(We are having a hard time posting pictures with the slow internet connection here in Wewak but have we several good ones and will post them as soon as we are able.)

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Scott Friedman said...

It is great to hear how things are going. It looks like it has already been a successful trip. I really wish I was there -- can't wait until next time. My the Lord keep you safe and give you wisdom.

Many Blessings,